Hello my name is Paul Carnall  

I have a small workshop where I take a great deal of pleasure  making traditional hand carved archtop guitars using  time honoured techniques and materials  i.e spruce maple and ebony.

I was born in 1951 and have spent the best part of my life with the guitar in one hand and a        woodworking tool in the other, the first for pleasure the latter for work,  although over the years I have made a small number of guitars for fun it wasn't until a few years ago that making them full time seemed a possibility so having already built a workshop for my joinery projects I started to build a few electric guitars acquiring some special lutherie tools along the way and then turned my attention to my first love the beautiful cello guitar as I called them when as a ten year old they lay in front of me on the pages of my treasured gibson catalogue.                                                                                      My headstock logo at first was PC for obvious reasons until my sister found a photo of dads old dance band called the rialto players and well we thought what a great name for a guitar  an archtop  is a band instrument after all.     

So my guitar brand is now rialto as a tribute to dad who along with my jazz pianist brother instigated my love of music.                                                                                                                                   As the passion and number of instruments grow I thank everyone who has purchased a guitar especially  Helmut from Germany picture right who was my first sale outside of the uk.

Has i continue my interest in pickup design this has lead me to develop a pickup for the Rialto archtop guitar range.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      





Steve Rodda  playing his Rialto 

     ambertone  guitar   audio only

     The Nearness Of You

      steve with the band video

The Nearness Of You.mp3

Alexis keel    

picks up his  custom made Rialto Bandmaster

complete with custom inlays
 also shown is the new Rialto floating pickup

click on link below to here the wonderfull guitarist

Roy Sainsbury

playing a Rialto bandmaster with Rialto custom single coil pickup